What We Do

Owner Advisory Services
Corporate Board Development

Owner Advisory Services

Clients engage Kona Advisors to achieve results with existential impact. Our advisory assignments typically address a combination of these business functions:


Conceive and deploy growth strategies, including product development, market entry, and supply chain development.


Source and lead financings and investor relations, negotiate and manage banking relationships, restructure balance sheets, develop financial projections, manage cash flow and negotiate major contracts.


Source, diligence and execute buy and sell transactions. Develop and manage intermediary and transaction support relationships.

Risk Management

Initiate, evaluate and run risk management systems, source and recommend supporting insurance programs.

Crisis Management

Take prudent and necessary actions to safeguard shareholder value on a timely basis. Provide stakeholder communications and fiduciary guidance for owners, directors and management.

Interim Management

Serve as interim CxO to bridge leadership gaps.

Corporate Board Development

For some clients, their businesses are running well, but they lack the governance processes and board effectiveness needed to meet the owners’ needs, especially during periods of evolutionary transition or industry instability. As a result of over 30 years of board work, Kona Advisors frequently leads clients through these issues:

Board Formation 
Governance Best Practices
Director Recruiting
Fiduciary Duty
Performance Management
Board Service

Our ability to recommend and execute solutions to resolve complex problems positions Kona Advisors as the clients’ most trusted advisor.